Spark Venue Energy with Video Jukeboxes

Emerson Amusements spark venue energy with video jukeboxes. Why should you care?

Jukeboxes have been around since long before any of us were born, and yet they endure. Why? If history has taught us anything, music is one of the premier human emotional expressions. And it connects people on so many levels. 

Music has evolved through the centuries, but more importantly, it had adapted with the introduction of each new technological shift. From AM radio and disc records, through 8-track recordings and FM radio, to CDs, the Internet, and satellite radio to digital music. 










Spark Venue Energy with Video Jukeboxes

Simultaneously, jukeboxes too have evolved from 12” record boxes to digital. Now, there are digital video jukeboxes that can stand-alone, or be connected to every screen in your venue. 

And with the latest technology iterations, the content and display of it have changed too. 

Emerson Amusements in Woodside, New York, has been at the forefront of jukebox rental in New York City (NYC). 

Video jukebox rental for bars and restaurants has raised the bar. They’re not only great for bars and restaurants in general, but for special events in particular. For example, karaoke nights. Corporate parties, and birthday or bachelor/ bachelorette parties. 

Kelly SwindallMoreover, Emerson Amusements — together with AMI Jukeboxes —  launched the Concert Bites Series. They have produced, and continue to produce, exclusive concert footage for artists who can now use this new and innovative initiative to connect with fans across the country.  Emerson coordinates the events at a given venue and that recording artists are on hand at your venue to hang out with your customers to watch the show. 

Ace Bar in New York City, Mr. Beery’s Pub on Long Island, Chep Shots in Flushing, NY, and The Icehouse in San Antonio TX are some of the venues that have thus far participated. 

All you need to hold these types of events at your venue is to call Emerson Amusements and request video jukebox installation rental. AND IT’S RISK-FREE! That’s right, Emerson Amusements will install the digital jukebox installation at no charge, and participate in a revenue-share model.

Buck Hunter league NYCAnd they have the same program for a host of other products as well, including arcade games and other amusements. These include Bar-top video games, basketball, Big Buck Hunter, Bowling, boxing, Golden Tee Golf, Skee Ball, and Power Putt.  

For arcade games, you can also build events around those, such as one-off competitive contests, and/or league tournaments. And Emerson Amusements [as a member of Club Lucky] will even coordinate and promote those events for you. 

In an article in SOCIAL LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE. They noted that games spark excitement in your venue. The Digest Online — the New Jersey Digest Magazine — in an article entitled “The top 3 entertainment tips for bars, restaurants, and their patrons noted that:

#1 would be coin-operated amusement in New York and New Jersey. It is a great way for venues to essentially rent space in their venues at no cost.  Here are  three of the top amusement companies serving NYC and New Jersey

 It’s a win-win scenario: you have the venue and Emerson has the machines. Contact them today to learn more.  



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