Tracy Moegan - 2022 Jukebox of the Year Award

2022 Jukebox of the Year Award

The 2022 Jukebox of the Year Award was presented to Tracy Morgan this year by Ken Goldberg and AMOANY (Music Operators Association) at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse.

Tracy Morgan with MJ Pedone and Ken Golderg

On April 26, 2022, Ken Goldberg, President of Emerson Amusements and Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOANY), presented Tracy Morgan with the 2022 Jukebox of the Year Award in NYC.  

Guests included industry heavyweights such as Chris Brady — our Man of the year –, the teams from AMI,  Mass Touch Tunes (led by Jamie Sura and Bob Geshin), and the Betson staff.  

2022 Jukebox of the Year Award

There was a delicious array of decadent food and an open bar. Mark MK (who was featured last year in the Concert Bites series) with backup singers to Tracy Morgan — Tara Jamelle Jones, and producer/singer Benrard Hawkins. 

When asked about the great turnout, Mr. Goldberg said “The event was a huge success! It was the most well-attended event we had in a long time. We are thrilled that people see The value of  AMOA NY and the value it brings to its members. We get the job done!”

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Founded in 1948, AMOA is an association of operators, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers of coin-operated amusement products. AMOA provides numerous programs, networking opportunities, and resources for its members, as well as an annual Amusement Expo.