Golden Tee Golf

Celebrating 30 years of Golden Tee Golf. Golden Tee 2019 is Now Available!

Photo Booth Rental

Memorable nights must be captured with a photo booth photo.  Give patrons what they want and add a photo booth to your establishment.

ATM Rental

Ask us about our revenue sharing program for our ATM Machines

Emerson Amusement Digital Jukeboxes

Emerson Amusement Digital Jukeboxes NYC

Big Buck HD

Big Buck HD, Golden Tee, PowerPutt, SilverStrike, and many more arcade machines

Emerson Amusement Company prides itself on providing the most technologically advance Digital Jukeboxes NYC.  Rest assured we will always have the latest and greatest digital jukeboxes NYC has to offer.  We continue to stay ahead of the competition with the most advanced digital jukeboxes NYC will ever see.  We’re your #1 source for digital jukeboxes in the New York City and New Jersey area.
Emerson Amusement provides photo booth rentals for bars, restaurants, parties and more.  If you’re looking for a photo booth rental give us a call @ 718.565.1233 and we’ll provide you with the best photo booth rental anyone has to offer.  We’re your source for the most cutting edge photo booth rentals in the New York City and New Jersey area.
Emerson Amusement provides arcade machines to bars and restaurants in the New York City and New Jersey area.  We have access to all arcade machines available.  We are the top vendor for arcade machines and therefore can get you the latest game so you can stay ahead of your competition and draw more patrons to your establishment.
An essential machine for any bar or restaurant.  Make it easy for your customers to buy from you by renting an ATM for your business. Emerson Amusement offers free ATM placement through our revenue sharing program. For no cost, you can give your business the accommodations an ATM provides while earning extra money from the customers who use it. To rent an ATM or one of our other amusements and arcade machines, please contact us today.

Arcade Game Rentals

Give them a night to remember

Video Game Rentals

Add hours of entertainment to your establishment with Big Buck HD and other great arcade games.  Keep patrons coming back for more with monthly contests and more.

Big Buck HD

Pinball is an old favorite – give patrons something to look forward to.

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