Power Putt Arcade Game

Power Putt arcade game

Power Putt arcade games are the perfect companion to Golden Tee 2021, to engage the golf lover and generate extra revenue for your venue RISK-FREE!


In the age of digital entertainment, many people are surprised to hear that there is still a market for physical, arcade-style games. Power Putt is one such game, and it has been gaining popularity in recent years.

What Is Power Putt Arcade Game

Power putt arcade game

In Power Putt Arcade Game, players use a trackball to control their golf ball’s direction and power. The game features 18 holes of mini-golf, each with its own unique theme and challenge.

PowerPutt mixes the competitive nature of bar video games with a heightened level of fun and excitement in this 3-course miniature golf game. From skilled pros to average joes, PowerPutt challenges players of all types. Whether putting through the flaming skulls of the Freaky Tiki or playing the angles on Dusty Trail, PowerPutt’s “easy to learn, hard to master” play mechanic keeps players engaged the first – and every – time they play.

Players can choose to play against friends or family in multiplayer mode, or go solo in single-player mode. There are also three difficulty levels to choose from, so everyone can find a challenge that’s right for them.

Whether you’re a mini golf enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, Power Putt Arcade Game is sure to please.  

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Power Putt Arcade Game?

It is risk-free! That’s right, Emerson Amusements will install Power Putt in your bar, restaurant, arcade, and/or another venue, without any money requirement on your part. Emerson Amusement will install it, maintain the maintenance and servicing of the games, and you simply provide the space and share in the profits.

Emerson Amusements takes the risk, and you share in any profits Watch this video for more info …


How Power Putt Arcade Game Works

To start the game, each player will need to insert their money into the machine. Once all players are ready, the game will begin. Players will take turns hitting the ball into the hole. The goal is to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. If a player hits the ball out of bounds, they will incur a stroke penalty. 

The game is over when all players have either reached the hole or incurred a stroke penalty.

Tips and Tricks: How to Get a High Score Power Putt arcade game rented by Emerson Amusements Woodside NY

Whether you’re trying to beat your friends’ high scores or just aiming to get a hole-in-one, these tips and tricks will help you get a high score in the Power Putt Arcade game.

First, get familiar with the controls. The faster you can press the button, the more powerful your shot will be. Second, try to predict where the ball will land. If you can anticipate where it’s going to bounce, you can adjust your shot accordingly.

Third, use the practice mode to hone your skills. In this mode, you can take as many shots as you want without affecting your score. Fourth, take advantage of the bonus objects on each hole. If you hit them, they’ll give you a boost that can help you make that difficult shot.

For a detailed instruction guide, you can visit: Livewire

How To arrange a Power Putt Tournament at a Bar

Emerson Amusements of New York is an operating member of Club Lucky and organizes leagues and tournaments at your venue, bringing in more revenue to your venue.