AMOA is a national trade association that promotes and strengthens the coin-operated machine industry.

The mission of the Amusements and Music Operators Association (AMOA) is to promote and serve the out-of-home entertainment industry, furthering the needs and interests of those engaged in the sales, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing of coin-operated equipment by…
  • ENHANCING industry growth through the exchange of ideas and information among members.
  • ADDRESSING and working to resolve industry challenges and issues by using the talents, skills, and experience of volunteer coin-op company executives.
  • FOSTERING industry-wide knowledge at all levels of the business through educational forums, trade expositions, and communication products.
  • REPRESENTING members’ interests on legislative and regulatory issues that impact the coin-op industry; to serve as a voice for members in presenting its views to governmental authorities, and to keep members informed on such matters.
  • DEVELOPING programs and services that generate operational efficiencies, new business opportunities, and/or cost savings for members.
  • PROMOTING the professionalism and many valuable contributions of the industry whenever and wherever possible.

“I’m honored to serve as the President of AMOA-NY”
– Ken Goldberg, Emerson Amusements

Emerson Amusement Company is a proud member of Club Lucky

Club Lucky is a group of like-minded operators of amusement entertainment devices and systems that have banded together with the goal of offering contests and tournaments that attract players from throughout the region. Such tournaments and contests include skee ball, street basketball, and arcade games such as Golden Tee 2021 golf, Big Buck Hunter. These contests and tournaments are held in the NYC area.

The goal of Club Lucky is to create a national footprint for the brand and for the amusement entertainment industry with fun, neighborhood-inspired events.

Coin-operated arcade games for rent

Ken Goldberg (President of Emerson Amusements, leading Club Lucky NY) noted:

If you have a bar or restaurant with the space to house coin-operated amusements and were thinking about where to find coin-operated arcade games for rent, we have a better solution: we have the machines and will place them at NO COST TO YOU and do a revenue sharing program with you. It’s a win-win. 

Club Lucky was founded in 2006 by eight founding members: Matt Pascal (JE&S Video), Larry Elbert (Camden Amusement), Matt Verdura (Full Spectrum Vending), Jeff and Kama Reed (B.J. Novelty), Jason Rubin (A.J. Video Amusements), Tim Zahn (American Amusement Arcades), Larry Lindelow (Vending Resources), and Bill Lethart (Mendota Valley Amusement). These eight members are from across the country including Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Texas.

Only two years later, Emerson Amusement Company joined Club Lucky to bring the brand to New York and New Jersey. We have been proud standard-bearers of the Club Lucky mission and brand for more than 5 years now and are excited to continue holding and sponsoring contests and tournaments throughout the region.

Whether you are a fellow vendor or own a venue and want to learn more about what Club Lucky brings to the NY and NJ area, contact Emerson Amusement today.