AMI NGX Jukebox

A streamlined, economically priced jukebox with interchangeable skins that let you quickly and easily customize the look and feel.



The AMI Jukebox NGX delivers immersive, room-filling sound with an onboard 1,000 Watt, 4 Channel Amp System… and that’s just the beginning!


• Connect customers of all ages with the artists and genres they love the most – all searchable through a simple and straightforward menu.

• Offer patrons access to over a million songs stored online or block the display of artists, songs, or genres that aren’t quite right for your location.

• Kick your AMI jukebox experience into high gear with thousands of music videos that can play on a connected TV. (Upgrade Kit Required)

• Change the default language preference from English to Spanish and tap into AMI’s robust collection of Latin American music.

• Tap into hundreds of thousands of fanatic AMI BarLink mobile app users. Our app not only allows patrons to play the jukebox, it also allows them to carry unused credits from venue to venue.

• Use AMI Ad Manager to build and schedule your very own ads that display on the jukebox. Choose from one of our ready-made templates or upload an image you’ve already designed.

• Get peace of mind with unbeatable 24/7 tech support. Emerson’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can resolve many issues right over the phone. With an easy-to-use interface, reliable hardware that won’t leave you hanging, and revenue-boosting add-ons like music video, it’s easy to see why the NGX is the fastest-selling digital jukebox in AMI history.


  • Jukebox Cabinet
    • Height: 31″, Width: 18.375″, Depth: 6.75″
    • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Currency Module:
    • Height: 12″, Width: 18″, Depth: 8.5″
    • Weight: 30 pounds

Technical Details

  • 32″ monitor with configurable promotional belt
  • Core computer package houses hard drive, motherboard, power supply, and I/O controller all inside one easy-to-service package
  • Hard drive pre-installed with selectable music genre collections for any type of location
  • 4-channel pre-amplifier
  • 4-channel, 1000-watt amplifier by Pascal
  • 6-button wired remote
  • IR wireless remote

Standard Currency Module

  • 1 MEI bill acceptor (700 stacker)
  • 1 credit card reader

Currency Module Options:

  • 2 standard options:
    • Dual CoinCo BA and credit card
    • Dual MEI BA and credit card


  • Wireless router
  • Output transformer
  • Money meter
  • Special event switch
  • RF remote kit
  • IR transmitter
  • Verizon wireless kit
  • Sprint wireless kit
  • Patrons can access up to 300 local albums
  • Millions of songs available online with weekly updates (broadband required)
  • Boasts the best music from Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, hundreds of indie labels, and local independent talent
  • Software enables patrons to quickly find their favorite music and suggests additional songs to accompany what they have already picked
  • Automatically create a selection of 1-credit albums by choosing a genre via operator setup
  • Add location photos to the jukebox display by syncing to a Flickr account
  • 24/7 technical support can remotely view, diagnose, and fix issues without requiring a visit

AMI Ad Manager lets you transform the upper half of your NGX Jukebox into powerful digital signage. Whether you’re promoting what’s happening right now or what’s coming up soon, there are hundreds of ways to put AMI Ad Manager to work for your business.

• Promote your own products and services – advertise a rewards program, gift cards, seasonal discounts, upcoming events, and more.

• Promote daily and nightly specials! With AMI Ad Manager, you can schedule promotions in advance by selecting the times and dates your ads will display on the jukebox. Best of all, you can now create, update and schedule your ads right from your smartphone or tablet via

• Use AMI Ad Manager in combination with Free Play Mode – a pay-by- the-hour service for venues that lets patrons play music free of charge. Schedule and promote “free jukebox nights” in lieu of karaoke or a DJ.

• Build your online following – promote your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages using AMI Ad Manager’s suite of social media templates.

• AMI Ad Manager offers more than 1,300 custom templates to choose from – with everything from general announcements & seasonal promotions to food, wine, and beer lists. Want to put your promotional ads on TV? Add AMI’s Music Video Upgrade Kit to your NGX! Ads scheduled through AMI Ad Manager will appear on TVs connected to your jukebox – allowing you to provide not only a new form of revenue through music video, but also a powerful digital signage solution!