Bar Top Games

Merit megatouch aurora

Emerson Amusements has a wide variety of bar-top video games, Here is a sampling. 

Merit’s Megatouch Aurora marks a revolutionary advancement for bar game machines. The elegant, rounded design invites players with a dynamic multi-color light show that extends the game beyond the screen. Packed with tons of addictive games, this unit is sure to be popular with your patrons.





Encore bar top Encore is an all-in-one bar game machine that delivers HD games and millions of songs. Sleek styling and advanced technology combine to bring you a countertop experience that is unrivaled. The optional JVL Media Stream lets your patrons also select music to play. Enjoying music and bar video games has never been this awesome!




The Retro gameThe Retro, not just a machine, but an experience! Classically inspired by the elegance of yesteryear, the Retro is a balance of craftsmanship combining the beautiful elements of wood, chrome, and lights. No corners were cut to echo great bar game designers of the past. Harmonized halo lighting brings a new dimension to gameplay; the symphony of lights dance to your touch. This bar game machine must be seen to be believed!




Megatouch RXMegatouch Rx redefines the mood in your venue with the new, remarkably versatile machine. It has addictive new games and a sleek, low-profile enclosure which makes it versatile for placement in any venue – indoors or outdoors. This bar game machine knows no boundaries!