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Increase Bar Sales with Arcade Games

The bar scene continually evolves, and post-pandemic bar owners have to consider new ways to increase bar sales with arcade games. What kind of game do you ask? Here are the top arcade games to place in your bar for increased revenues … RISK-FREE! 

All bar owners understand that bars make money from food and drinks. They also know that drinks on tap yield higher dividends.  But there are many other ways to increase bar sales with games, too.  In an article in The Digest online, arcade games were listed as one of the top 3 ways to increase sales revenue in your bar

Games can be a mystery to some proprietors, so they place electronic game installation on their ‘to do later’ pile.  It is a lot to think about so they procrastinate about it. Frequent questions include:

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. How much space will it take?
  3. How much money can I make?
  4. How much maintenance will be required of me? 
  5. How do I promote it? 

The answers to each of the above vary, but in short, it costs nothing to set up, takes less space than expected, requires no maintenance, can be promoted for you, and will generate a new and consistent revenue stream for your business. 

Moreover, games are fun, prompting patrons to come back time again, especially for tournament events. 

Did you know that you can install coin-paper-credit card-operated games RISK-FREE?  Yes, you heard me, risk-free. 

Increase Bar Sales with Games 

Bars are all about a local place for friends (and strangers) to meet up for good times. But instead of just providing the venue, you can now provide profit center — instead of cost-center — entertainment.

What’s the difference between a cost-center and a profit-center? 

SLIDER win win

Sports bars often have plenty of large-screen TVs to display the current sports matches. Patrons come in to enjoy the game while they eat and drink. This is an example of a cost-center. Another cost-center would be a hired band, DJ, and/or trivia game management company. If the bar were to sell tickets to the show, it could potentially be a profit center, if not, and/or if it’s not enough revenue generated, then it’s a cost center. 

In all those cases you spend money to lure customers into your establishment so that they can give money back to the venue. 

A profit-center on the other hand is an attraction that brings in customers while charging them for the privilege. An arcade game sits in your establishment costing you nothing: it was installed and set up free, it is maintained free, and then you share in any profits. It is the perfect win-win scenario. 

So what sort of games should you install? It depends on the size of your venue, and the nature of your customer base. 

Billiards, or Pool

Billiards, or Pool, is a time-tested money-making game for your bar. Anywhere there is a pool table there are patrons playing on it, or waiting for their turn to play. And while they play, or wait, chances are they’re eating and/or drinking.  If you have the space, this is a great money maker. 

Bar-Top Video Games 

Megatouch RXThere are times when a patron enters your bar but prefers to sit alone, albeit surrounded by people. A bar-top video game provides that patron with a form of solo entertainment. Moreover, the games don’t take up much space, so they can easily fit in a few choice spots along the bar, or elsewhere in the venue. 

Arcade Games

If you have the space, arcade games are exceptional money makers for a bar. Not only do they make money, but they spark excitement throughout the venue. This is especially true if you host tournaments and contests. 

Club Lucky is a group of coin-operated amusement companies that will organize — and promote — the tournaments for you.  Some of the more popular arcade machines that Club Lucky organizes tournaments for include:

(note, there are also Skee Ball leagues in New York City)

There are also other arcade game rentals for a bar in New York City that patrons will want to compete — whether against themselves for top scores, or head-to-head.  These include the ones mentioned above, but also Power Putt, Boxer arcade game, Street Basketball, or arcade Bowling

Two Things Every Bar Needs

No matter what games you decide will work for your venue, there are a few things that should be a must. An ATM machine not only provides quick access to cash so that patrons can play games but also allows them to extract cash and feed the machine(s) without utilizing your staff’s time and attention. ATM machines come in floor models, or wall-mounted. 

The second recommendation is a digital AMI Jukebox. These jukeboxes spark excitement and store thousands of songs and videos, and some come with manageable ad displays. Emerson Amusements provides the following options: 

Other games you could consider providing, whether as a set night for competition (or in some cases available for smaller groups) are Bingo, darts, and/or Jenga. 


Emerson Amusements has been serving the New York City metro area (and Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island) since 1937. They are the leading distributor of digital video jukeboxes, including AMI jukeboxes, and also provide photo booth rental as well. 

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