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Coin Operated Amusement Machine Types and Uses

Coin-operated amusement machine types and uses vary. They are an incredible wellspring of additional income for a bar. The benefits that coin-operated machines create can be immense; they can likewise be significantly more profound than simply the cash earned from them. 

To follow is an overview of the types and uses of such risk-free machines.

Why is it important

Coin-operated machines can drive traffic to your venue, and bring those patrons back time again; they can also encourage people to stay longer, drink, and eat more.  

Did you know that there are tournaments and leagues for arcade games? Whether someone enters alone, with a team, or group of friends, the more people the more energy. The more energy the more fun, and memorably so.

From cutting-edge video games to AMI jukeboxes with video displays, to pool tables, and photo booths, anything that gives your clients added diversion is beneficial to your venue. 

Coin-Operated Amusement Machine Types and Uses

Remember to install an ATM machine

The benefit of coin-operated machines is that they continue to earn you money without staff assistance. An ATM machine allows patrons to extract cash without having to engage the bartenders or waitstaff. 

Risk-Free Opportunity

You might hesitate to install a coin-operated machine in your New York City bar or restaurant because of the cost. But, here’s the surprise — it’s RISK-FREE!

Emerson Amusements has been operating coin-operated machines since 1937. And through their profit-sharing program, you provide the space, they provide the machines, and both parties earn revenues. It’s a win-win. 

Photo Booths 

photobooth funWhen friends gather for a night out, they love to capture the memories to revisit later. Certainly, with the advent of smartphones, selfies have become all the rage. However, there is something nostalgic about a photo booth. 

The mere use of a photo booth in-of-itself is a memorable experience, adding to the good time people are having on any given night. And while photo booths are a throwback to a time gone by, Emerson Amusements’ photo booths are equipped to not only print photos but also to share them instantly on social media. How much fun is that? 

When patrons use the photo booth to take an individual or group photo to capture a moment in time, they not only have some to retain that moment, but when they share it to social media they are by default promoting your venue (and that it has a photo booth, which could prompt others to come in and try it out). 

Arcade Games 

Arcade games vary, and over the years have become more sophisticated and 3-D reality-based. Whether patrons want to be big-game hunters with Big Buck Hunter, play a round of Gold with Golden Tee, Power Putt, Bowl, or see who has the most powerful punch with Boxer, or the best shot with Street Basketball, these games are fun and engaging. 

Moreover, games such as Skeeball, Big Buck Hunter, and Golden Tee are some of the games used for leagues and tournaments. And, Club Lucky will not only organize tournaments on your behalf, but they will also promote them — in other words, help your venue attract more customers. 

Table Games 

Pool tables have long been a place that patrons conjugate to compete with one another — while they continue to eat and drink! And isn’t that the objective of any bar, to encourage patrons to eat and drink? 

Provided you have the space, another popular table game is Ice-Hockey. 

Bar-Top Video Games 

Megatouch RXBar-top video games are great for keeping patrons engaged as they sit at the bar and sip drinks or snack on appetizers. Entertainment garners interest and fun. 

Give patrons something to do while they drink. It has a small footprint, and low noise factor, and earns you money. 

Music Sets the Mood 

Juke box for your bar

Emerson Amusements is one of the leading AMI jukebox distributors in New York City (NYC), many with digital video displays. You simply can’t underestimate the power of music, and Emerson Amusements has a wide variety of digital jukeboxes, including AMI NGX Curve, AMI Ultra, AMI Mini, and AMI Infinity Jukebox. 

Everything is better with good vibes reverberating through the venue. It ignites people to sing along with their favorites, dance, and settle into a partying mood.  


Coin-operated machines come in many styles and types. When considering which type would best fit your venue and customer base, you should consider size, noise level, and the types of coed you’re looking to attract, then install those. 

If you have questions or want to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us today.