Lizzie and the makers with Reeves Gabrels

LIZZIE and the MAKERS Concert on Oct 6th at NYC

Lizzie and the Makers will be appearing (and feat. Reeves Gabrels) in NYC on October 6th with never-before songs and concert footage, and you might just have the chance to meet them.  Chat with Lizzie during the post-airing Q&A session.

Lizzie and the makers Lizzie and the Makers are the real deal! See a 30-minute exclusive mini-concert recorded at Bowery Electic in NYC  [with Reeves Gabrels of THE CURE on guitar] to be aired exclusively as part of the AMI Concert Bites Series, featuring new songs for their new album Dear Onda Wahl. Lizzie will be on-site to party during the concert with fans and engage in a Q&A about the album after the screening. Don’t miss it.  

THE PLACE: THE ACE BAR 531 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009 TEL: 1 (212)-979-8476
THE TIME: 8 PM – 10 PM
HEAR THEM: On Youtube, and another version
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Ace Bar Founder and President David Hilf noted that “The Ace Bar has hosted a lot of unique events over
the years which our customers never forget and we’re looking forward to the Lizzie AND THE
Makers exclusive concert. Concert Bites is a cool concept, and I’m glad our customers have a chance
to meet Lizzie in person.”

Lizzie added that “the creative Concert Bites team has opened a huge door for me to
connect with more fans; they are literally getting my new music on thousands of jukeboxes, and
produced a beautifully recorded recent live performance which will soon hit bars.”

LIZZIE and the MAKERS  Take a quick listen here 

Organized by Emerson Amusements has represented AMOA and Club Lucky in New York City for years;  helping restaurants and bars/pubs engage customers by providing their establishments with a wide range of services.  Its coin-operated amusements include jukeboxes, arcade games. ATMs, photo booths, and table games (i.e. pool, ice hockey) to bring excitement, entertainment. and engagement to client bars, restaurants, and pubs.

Now, Emerson Amusements takes the lead with a new and creative initiative called the AMI Jukebox Concert Bites Series, where they capture, edit, and present mini-concerts events via jukeboxes connected to multiple screens at various clubs and restaurants. They’ve launched the series in New York City and Long Island, but aim to expand it across the United States. Stay tuned!

If you own a venue we can help ramp up the fun. Contact us today for more information. 

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