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Photo Booth Testimonials

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There is usually a pool table free, and the photo booth just adds to the fun. Lacey R.

The bar had a decent amount of space, plenty of seating, pool tables, darts, and even a photo booth in the back. Who doesn’t love a photo booth?
Alyvia M.

The photo booth was the highlight of my night. I’ll come back here just for the photo booth. And maybe a beer. Or two. Probably three, though, since they have a credit card minimum.
Elsie W.

I’ve played darts here, I’ve used the photo booth, and I like that they have amusements.
Meghan A.

This neighborhood bar is crowded full of young folks, and has a ton of activities like darts, pool, ping pong, a Big Buck Hunter arcade game, a photo booth, coloring books[1], and the obligatory selection of beer and liquor. Bartender Alice exercised our livers, pouring us beers and shots galore[2].

Their photo booth alone is the best value ever, and worth the price of admission. $5 gets you two prints of photos. Choose black and white or color prints, and get them printed in no time flat. [1] Kidding on the coloring books. [2] My date outdrank me, I’m proud to admit.
Dave L.

My advice is to have about 4 shots and then take photo booth pictures. It makes for some good times, especially because it took us a very long time finding where to insert money. Unless you’re an angry drunk– then use the photo booth before the drinking begins. Cheers!
Angelina K.

Photo Booth Testimonials

The bouncer was cool, the prices were alright, the photo booth produced one of my now favorite mementos, and they had Palm.
Beth V.

I mean this is just a regular ole place to drink draft beer. But it gets four stars from me because of the photo booth, the pool tables (more than one), the jukebox, and the fact that the guy carded me at the door on a Monday night [bats eyelashes].
Maya F.

We also played SEVERAL rounds of Buck Hunter and crammed into the photo booth in the back. I love photo booths!
Tina M.

This place has darts, four or five pool tables, and a photo booth.  We had a pretty good time…just look at our photo booth photos!
Samantha P.

Our neighborhood bar actually has a photo booth! Since I’m a photographer, you know photo booth pictures are a must for me!



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