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Top 3 Entertainment Tips for Bars and Restaurants

The top 3 entertainment tips for bars and restaurants include some free options for venue owners. Emerson Amusements was recently mentioned in an article in New Jersey Digest Magazine about some of these options. A prominent restaurant consultant discusses our risk-free revenue share model as a source of new revenue for restaurants and bars.

The Digest Online magazine did a recent article about the top 3 entertainment tips for bars and restaurants, speaking with A2Z Restaurant Consulting CEO Eddie Fahmy. It was authored by Bruce Dugan, CEO of the digit2al marketing company Inicia Incorporated and Incognito Worldwide.

During that exchange. Mr. Fahmy noted that in-venue entertainment is a big source of attraction for customers. And in that list, he discussed coin-operated games as a big draw.

 It is a great way for venues to essentially rent space in their venues at zero cost to them.

  • Eddie Fahmy

It’s not news to us, but it is nice to see experts in the field express parallel views. As an amusement company since 1937, we specialize in coin-operated arcade games, ATM machines, photo booths, and digital video jukeboxes.

Our no-risk revenue share program is a win-win. We install the machines, and maintain them, share the earnings with the bar or restaurant owner. Additionally, we’re a member of Club Lucky, which organizes tournaments at your venue that ignites excitement in your venue. If a patron can play games — such as 2021 Golf Tee or Big Buck Hunter Reloaded — with a chance to win $2,000, or more, why wouldn’t they? And when there is excitement, friends encourage their friends to come along.

Top 3 Entertainment Tips for Bars and Restaurants

The result is that patrons are having fun, eating and drinking more, and keeping your place lively. Word-of-mouth then raises brand awareness of your venue.

Do you have slow nights? Of course, you do, every venue does. So pick one of those slow nights and create a fun and engaging night that inspires people to attend. As one patron noted,

It’s just a silly thing to do on a Tuesday night!

While arcade games are fun and can be included in tournaments, there are other ways to engage your customers too. These might include pool tables, ice hockey tables, video games, street basketball, and old fashion photo booths.  There is also Skee Ball, and if you didn’t know, there is a New York City Skee Ball League.

You can read the full article at The Digest Online here, or Restaurants Surviving the 2020-2021 Pandemic here.

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